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Flightseeing and Charter Flights

Sheldon Air Service

Sheldon Air Service is family owned and operated by David Lee and Holly Sheldon Lee in Talkeetna, Alaska. The Sheldon family has been flying Alaskans to glaciers since 1932. Mt. McKinley flightseeing is one of Sheldon Air Services major focus of operations.

Denali National Park flightseeing is such an amazing experience even Alaskans themselves go on special occasions.

Talkeetna Air Taxi

Talkeetna Air Taxi dates back to the earliest days of flying in Alaskan aviation. They came into the picture after the Sheldon family, but helped move forward with McKinley flights, glacier landings, expedition support, and mountain rescues in the Alaska Range.

Talkeetna Air Taxi flights focus on Mt. McKinley and its complex ridges and glaciers. Taking one of their longer tours allows their pilots more opportunity to share summit views, especially if one side of the mountain is in clouds.

K2 Aviation

K2 Aviation in 1996, the Rust family purchased K2 Aviation from Jim Okonek. K2 Aviation, a wheel and ski operation, focused on landing on the glaciers and Denali National Park.

Other Alaskan Flightseeing and Charter Flights

Mountain Flying Service

Mountain Flying Service offers flights between Haines, Skagway, Glacier Bay, Juneau, Gustavus, and Sitka. Haines Ski Plane Flight With over 20 years experience Mountain Flying Service is the original and primere Glacier Bay Flightseeing company of Southeast Alaska.

Mountian Flying Service has the best plane and newest plane for flightseeing, in all of Northern Southeast Alaska. The plane has remarkable windows and no wing struts to obstruct the breathe taking views. The plane also accomodates up to 4 passengers comfortably. Every other operator of flight service in the area has windows at least 3 times small and obstructed views from either wings struts or low wing planes.

Additional Information

Other great places for flying in Alaska include Katmai Flightseeing, For Cessna Parts in Alaska. Northland Aviation services Cessna, Lycoming, and many other popular aviation brands.

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